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Power to the
local people

Viable high streets, sustainable local transport and low-cost last mile delivery

Loql helps communties become more resiliant by putting power back in the hands of local people

Collective community commerce

Enabling local businesses to join forces to better serve local people.

Images by Adam Hollier

A digital marketplace for the whole high street

One rich digital destination that showcases what makes the real high street so good.

Cost-effective food ordering

A full featured food ordering platform for delivery, takeaway or eat in orders.

Powerful tools for retailers

Create subscriptions, issue discounts, provide gift cards, for one store or all.

Sustainable local logistics

A range of electric vehicles that bring people and things together in a more affordable and environmentally-friendly way

Illustration by Debbie Shrimpton Illustrates

Electric-powered delivery

Look out for our incredible new delivery vehicles in your high street soon!

Shared distribution

We believe that by pooling supply and demand for delivery, we can make it affordable - while rewarding drivers fairly.

Keeping locals on the move

We’re working with local and national organisations to accelerate the switch from the combustion engine.

So, tell me...

We create and integrate tools and services for communities to use together. We take the complexity out of adopting new technolgies and ways of doing things but also greatly reduce the cost by spreading it across numerous communities.

We currently have a pilot community operating in Berkhamsted, Herts. If you are a business business in the town please get in touch with Berkhamsted Loql for more information about joining.

We will be looking to establish Loql communities in towns across the UK over the coming months and years. If you are interested in helping start a community in your area please contact our Communities team

We’re firm believers in the power of local communities to deliver global change. In that sense, our work is hugely rewarding on a personal and collective level. We’re also a not for profit so we only take what we need to operate and any additinal income goes straight into developing even better solutions for communities.


We love all things local

Our goal is to help keep local profits, jobs, expertise and ownership where it belongs - in the community.


We only take what we need

Loql is a not for profit so every penny we make goes into developing, running and improving our services.


We're in this together

Loql enables collective change within communities that has long-lasting impact for the entire planet.